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Making of: Pankt Saulopoly 2014 - Skull Logo

Ladies and Gentlemen, the NAIL ’EM NINE winners are:
#1 Arne
#2 Zain
#3 Daniel
Congrats to the winners. Thanks for joining in and enjoy your fonts.

None of the participants guessed all 100% right, but we where very close there. The Names where:

  1.  Black Crist Mass
  2. Giftmischer
  3. Hyperboreer
  4. Dharma
  5. Strahlenkinder
  6. Neuland
  7. Voided Shine
  8. Umnachtung
  9. Withdrawal

Check ’em all out and a lot more in or project ‘Essence of the Underground’.

Nail ’em Nine - and win some awesome Doubletwo Studios fonts.

Name what the nine logos above are saying and win up to 3 of the cool Doubletwo Studios metalfonts.

This are the fonts that can be won.

More detail about the fonts here.

Send a PM until 22 March 2014 on our facebook-page with the following information:


Which of the fonts would you like most:
What would be your font choice, if you might pick 3:

And now the elementary question.
What does these 9 logos say?


Have fun guessing.


Sharing this post will bring good karma.

If you want an awesome blackmetal logo, tell us.

Need Charakter?

The HSV Handball maybe does. Could be the the reason why they picked our XXII DON’T MESS WITH VIKINGS for their new campaign. ;)

Nice to see this bastard in the streets of Hamburg, even if we would always choose our barrio sportsclub St. Pauli, if we were fans.

Anyway, good luck for your Zukunft.

Typodarium 2014

For 2014 only the DemonRunes made it, so keep waiting for Thursday the 13th February.

No Gods - No Masters